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 Why we love what we do


The Future of Cashless Payments

Enhancing self-service technology and providing alternative avenue for printing, copying and scanning.

Self-service kiosks have proved a revolutionary innovation in making life easier and quicker particularly for the Millennial generation and other digital-savvy people. Whether doing the daily shop, checking in for a doctor’s appointment, posting a parcel or parking at the airport before jetting off on holiday – self-service kiosks play a vital part in cutting time and effort from many parts of our everyday lives and making a big difference to our fast paced lives.

Benefits of McPrint, McCopy and McScan

- Convenience for the registered McPrint users.

- Save cost for ad-hoc and low volume users who need to print, copy and scan. No more buying of machine, toner,paper and carry-in service.

- 24x7 for some locations. You can print AnyTime and collect your print jobs at the nearby McPrint location.

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